Terms And Conditions

Course Cancellation

1. Exemption for Unforeseeable Circumstances

The course organisers bear no liability if a course cancellation arises due to extraordinary circumstances beyond their control, including acts of nature, governmental regulations, fire, war, terrorist activity, or civil commotion.

In the event that the course organisers choose to cancel a course, their responsibility is limited to a full refund of the registration fees. It is important to note that the course organisers are unable to refund any expenses related to travel, accommodation, or other costs/penalties that may be incurred due to the course cancellation.


All refund requests will be promptly processed within 30 days from the official announcement of the course cancellation. However, participants must ensure that they provide accurate and complete details required for the refund process.

2. By Registered Paid Participants

If a participant decides to cancel their course attendance, a minimum notice of 3 weeks before the course date is required to obtain an 80% refund of the registration fees. The remaining 20% covers the necessary costs associated with registration and refund processing fees, which are non-refundable to the course organisers.

Please note that cancellations made less than 3 weeks before the course commencement, regardless of the reasons provided, are not eligible for refunds. This policy is in place to account for non-refundable costs incurred by the course organisers.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that registration fees cannot be transferred to future courses as a substitute for cancellation. However, participants have the option to transfer their registration to another individual, provided that such a transfer is communicated to the course secretariat before the course begins.


To ensure adequate protection, all paid course participants are strongly advised to obtain suitable travel and health insurance coverage. The course registration fees do not include any form of insurance. Therefore, the course organisers assume no responsibility or liability for the cancellation of bookings, loss, inconvenience, or theft/damage to personal belongings.

Program Modifications

While we strive to adhere to the published course program displayed on the website and flyers, the course organisers reserve the right to make alterations to the arrangements, timetables, plans, or other course-related aspects without prior notice, should circumstances beyond our control necessitate such changes. Rest assured, any inconvenience caused by such alterations is sincerely regretted, and we appreciate your understanding.

Photography and Recording

By registering for the course, participants acknowledge and provide consent that their image or voice may be captured through video, photography, or any other means by an officer or official of the course. These recordings may be disseminated or published at the discretion of the course organisers.

If you prefer not to be recorded, kindly inform the course organisers in advance via email.

For any concerns or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: succes_malaysia@yahoo.com

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