Our Story


The Society of Critical and Emergency Sonography, also known as SUCCES is a society promoting the use of ultrasound as a tool used in critical care and emergency.


Since the advent of critical care ultrasound back in the 80s, there has been an exponential use of this utility. It has gained popularity in a supersonic manner throughout the world. Critically ill patients are time sensitive and ultrasound has provided the clinicians with a third eye to give a better view of what is going on with their sick patients. This has led to a more accurate diagnosis, guiding the management of the patients as well as reducing complication rate for certain procedures. In our local setting, the use of ultrasound in critical care and emergency became more widely known over the last decade. Ultrasound courses were run, especially under the umbrella of World Interactive Network Focused on Critical Ultrasound or WINFOCUS. Off late these courses have received increasing demand across a few different specialties that deal with critical patients. Realizing the fact that we now need a body to govern the use ultrasound in these settings, the Society of Critical and Emergency Sonography or SUCCES was formed.

The missions of this chapter are: